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The Solutions Alcohol and Drug Recovery Foundation, Inc. hereafter referred to as “The Solutions Foundation” collaborates with individuals, communities and agencies to break down barriers based on illiteracy, substance abuse, unemployment, crime and homelessness. Our clients are a diverse, multi-cultural group, bound by a mutual desire to heal, learn and take on fulfilling, meaningful roles in society.

Our primary mission is to help the suffering addict recover from a life of drug and alcohol abuse. We intend to achieve this goal by integrating drug and alcohol education, intervention and treatment, as well as aftercare, with family and community involvement in a variety of modalities. Because when the addict is suffering, many lives are affected. It is our belief that for the addict to achieve a serene and hopeful new beginning he or she must build a strong foundation through education, application and support. For every addict that in desperation walks through our doors seeking help, let there be a new life that is thus born from that desire. History of Organization
In 1992 the community of Los Angeles came together to unite in the battle against the destruction of their neighborhoods. From that conference came the birth of the Miracle Institute, now known as The Solutions Alcohol and Drug Recovery Foundation, Inc. Although $117 billion dollars are spent annually on the war against drugs, the rate of cocaine use has not declined since 1992. According to the 1997 National Household Survey, 1.5 million Americans were using cocaine. This number includes usage by youth as young as age 12. In addition, an estimated 4 million people age 12 and older used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons in 1999.

The Solutions Alcohol and Drug Recovery Foundation, Inc. believes that substance abuse is a symptom, not a disease. Addictions can be overcome. During the past eight years, within the Los Angeles County area, the Men of Miracle Institute under the guidance and leadership of Reverend Michael L. Hudspeth has demonstrated a success record of rebuilding their lives. Nearly 50 percent of the clients completing the program are today, responsible men contributing to their families and neighborhoods and giving back in the on-going battle against poverty, ignorance and disease.

The model program is a comprehensive, integrated system of services designed to treat the entire client: body, mind and spirit. This is a model whose time has come. In 1996, the Association of American Medical Colleges did a survey to determine objectives for medical school programs. Cultural, spiritual and end-of-life issues emerged as significant themes. Over 50 of the dedicated medical schools in America now have dedicated curriculum to spirituality.

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