Michael L. HudspethLEADERSHIP!

Michael L. Hudspeth


Training the Trainer

Invite Michael Hudspeth to inspire your group to become "Leaders" who "Finish Strong"!

Motivating potential leaders in the art of living is Michael's talent and passion. Unsurpassed is his ability to have his words touch the heart of the single individual and lead them away from their own paths of self-destruction.


Michael Hudspeth:

  • Founder of the Miracle
    Institute for Men
  • Executive Director/CEO
    The Solutions Foundation
  • Consultant and Adviso
    to Non-Profit Boards
  • Master of Science
    in Psychology

Corporate Trainings, Leadership Day/Week, Motivation & Inspiration, Keynotes, Assemblies, and Workshops.

Learning how to Learn! (Keynote)

Shifting from potential to successful- exposes the basic barriers to learning and directs the process of internal development to move the under achiever and the "average Joe and Jo- Ann "to the Dean's List, the Employee of the Month and the pride and joy of the community at large.

Preparing For Greatness (Keynote & 1 day Seminar)

Michael Hudspeth's motivational lectures on personal success through setting daily goals, guides the listener in the process of accomplishing every goal set. This program is guaranteed to give the listener the keys to excellence by applying teaching them how to use systematic goal-setting tools and preparing them for the challenges life will throw at them.

Finish Strong (Keynote)

This lecture focuses on "the extra push" the listener needs in order to excel in the game of life. Michael guides listeners in the use of personal experience to achieve their personal objectives and long term goals.

Ethical Staff and Employee Training

Michael's messages drill to the core of poor performance and low morale, the program objective is to give the participants the tools necessary to increase productivity and optimize staff performance. He's all about boosting morale, increase retention and providing inspiration to make a lasting impact on his listeners.

Michael has learned and can articulate to anyone that, "Struggle will be a constant if you desire to succeed and excel!" Michael will inspires' everybody as a living testimony of how to learn to manage your struggle as you press on towards excellence!